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Boyko Anton

Boyko Anton

Building geo-distributed API with Azure Functions - developing, testing, deploying.

Building cloud-native apps is a relatively commonplace thing nowadays. But – are you truly utilizing all the potential cloud provides you with? One of the biggest benefits of any cloud is that you can use preconfigured reliable geo-distributed services to host your app, database, files, etc.

During this session I will share my learnings about building a geo-distributed API with Azure Functions. I will share my thoughts about how Azure Functions differs from Web API. I will show how to create a single entry point for your Azure Functions and let the Azure do the internal geo-routing for you. I will share the best practices of monitoring your geo-distributed Functions not only from infrastructure, but from the application perspective as well.

Mateev Mihail

Mateev Mihail

Deep Dive into Modern Solutions with cosmos DB.

Cosmos DB service is a multi-model NoSQL, globally distributed, multi-model database service designed for scalable and high performance modern applications. Cosmos DB is delivered as a fully managed service with an enterprise grade SLA.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • How to index documents
  • Cosmos DB performance tuning deep dive
  • How to create applications using different API (using REST API or programming libraries for several popular languages)
  • Best practices designing applications with Cosmos DB
Boyko Anton

Boyko Anton

Azure Cognitive Services Custom Vision - the easiest way to start with AI

During one of my projects we aimed at reducing the total cost of ownership for maintenance of a huge network of power lines that spans across the whole country. The idea was to utilize drones that will fly above power lines, take some photos and look for power lines that are in distress or about to break. At the moment this job is done manually by a group of people, which is definitely not the way you want to do it on a big scale.

But before running the project we were supposed to justify the expenses, because business people wanted to know to know what would it cost them and what would be the ROI, etc.?

I will share how we used Azure Cognitive Services Custom Vision API to create a model that was able to analyze all of the photos from the drones automatically and recognize the power lines that might potentially break, so we can send our repair team and prevent the outage from happening.